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A contract is an agreement made between two individuals or groups of people. It's a legal agreement that is supported and enforceable by laws when a person signs it. (sign = to write one's name)

  • Mary signed a contract.
  • Gunther signed his name at the bottom of the contract.
  • All parties agreed to the terms of the contract.
  • A lease is a contract agreed to by people who rent a place to live or a car.
  • Jose and Luis had a verbal contract, and they shook on it.*
  • What does it say in the contract?
  • Contract negotiations between labor and management can last for several weeks.
  • If you break a contract,* you might have to pay a penalty.

contract He signed the contract.

The word "contractual" is an adjective:

  • They have contractual obligations that they have to follow.
  • A contractual agreement outlined the lawyer's relationship to his client.


*break a contract: to ignore or disobey a written agreement.

*shake on it: to shake hands thereby signifying an agreement.

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March 25, 2014








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