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To give a person some kind of work or a job is to employ.

  • The company employs over 200 workers.
  • That store needs to employ more cashiers.
  • The city employed dozens of new staff members last year as it continues to expand its workforce.

The word "employer" is a noun. This word is used to describe the person or the group who hires people:

  • Sally's employer provides her with good health insurance
  • Todd's employer fired him last year because he was sleeping on the job.
  • Who's your employer now?
  • Who was your former employer? (former = past)

The word "employee" is also a noun, but this word describes the people who get hired to do a job:

  • Felipe does his best to be a good employee.
  • Mirna was an employee at the grocery store for over thirty years.
  • The employees are asking for a raise. (raise = more money)
  • There's a meeting for employees this afternoon.


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