What does "________" mean? How is it used in a sentence?



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March 25, 2014 - Word of the Day: invoice


An invoice is a bill. It lists the costs for labor, parts, a product, taxes, and other small expenses. Companies often include an invoice with a product when it is mailed, or an invoice is sent to an individual or a company long after the product or service has been provided. If you are involved in managing services or products, this is an important word to understand.

  • The company will send us an invoice for the work they did.
  • An invoice was included in the package.
  • Our company saves all the invoices it receives.
  • Rueben's secretary files all of the invoices in a filing cabinet.
  • Could you please send us an invoice?
  • There's an error on this invoice. (error = mistake)
  • She's upset because there are some unexpected expenses on the invoice.




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