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A kiosk is a small storefront or booth. Kiosks are popular all over the world because the cost of operating a business from one is lower when compared to a traditional store. Kiosks are popular in shopping malls and other areas where people walk. Things sold from a kiosk include newspapers, food, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, toys, accessories for cell phones, and other small items.

  • This kiosk sells magazines and newspapers.
kiosk outside
  • A kiosk can be found anywhere there's a lot of foot traffic. This kiosk is located inside a train station.
kiosk inside
  • Airports rely on kiosks to help passengers check in for their flights. At this kiosk, customers can get information.

What does the word "rely" mean?

small kiosk


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March 11, 2014







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