What does "________" mean? How is it used in a sentence?



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May 19, 2014 - Word of the Day: dust


Dust takes the form of small particles of dirt, soot, dander, pollen,* and other matter that floats through the air and ends up inside your home.

  • Dust blows through the air.
dust in the air
  • Factories create dust when they send pollution into the air.
  • All kinds of activities create dust. Riding a horse on a dry trail kicks up a lot of dust.

To get rid of the dust, you can use a broom, a mop, a dust buster, or a vacuum.

  • He's dusting. He's using a feather duster.
  • She's dusting the table.
dusting a table
  • They're beating the dust out of the mattress.
beating a mattress
  • You can also use a hand-held vacuum or a dust buster to pick up dust.

hand vacuum

  • A dustpan is often used when sweeping or getting rid of dirt in the house.


The word "dusty" is an adjective:

  • This table is dusty.
  • The house is full of dust. It's a dusty house.
  • My car got all dusty after I drove it down an unpaved road.



soot: dust from the burning of fossil fuels

dander: skin cells and fur from animals, cats, dogs, etc.

pollen: tiny spores released in nature from flowers and trees.

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