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The word "sway" is used for a back-and-forth movement. Certain things are known to sway, especially when its windy outside.

  • Trees sway in the wind. This is what makes them stronger.
  • Long bridges are flexible and they sway in the wind.
  • A skyscraper sways back and forth a little in the wind. If it remained rigid, that could cause some problems for the structure of the building.
  • Don't drive behind a trailer that sways back and forth on the highway. It's dangerous.
  • Boats sway in the water.
  • People who dance can sway to the music.
  • I have a little bit of sway in my schedule. (sway = flexibility. In this sentence, "sway" is a noun.)

woman dancing She's dancing and swaying to the music.

The word "sway" also means to influence or have power over other people.

  • We can't sway him. He won't change his mind.
  • She won't be swayed. (No one can change her mind.)
  • Tony was swayed by the sales pitch and bought a new car.
  • Roger doesn't have much sway in the company. (In this sentence, the word "sway" is used as a noncount noun.)
  • How much sway do you have with your supervisor?

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May 28, 2014







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