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November 12, 2014 - Word of the Day



The word "laundry" is used for clothes and other things that need to be washed. Notice that the verb "do" is often used with the word "laundry."

  • I have to do my laundry today.
  • Sandra does her laundry on the weekend.
  • How much laundry do you have to do?
  • Most Americans use a washer and a dryer for laundry.
  • Do you use a dryer for your clothes, or do you hang them outside to dry?
  • Who does the laundry in your family?

washing machinewashing machine


Many people in the United States have their own appliances for doing laundry, but there are places of business that provide this service.

  • Tina does her laundry at the laundromat.
  • Bob pays someone at the laundromat to do his laundry.
  • Vanessa is a businesswoman. She takes most of her laundry to the dry cleaners because she often wears suits that need to be dry cleaned.
  • Many hotels provide a laundry service, but it's expensive.


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