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October 27, 2014 - Word of the Day:  stove


A stove provides heat and a surface on which to cook. A stove is often--but not always--on top of an oven.

stoveThe stove is on top.

A stove has gas or electric burners.

electric burnerelectric burner

  • There's something cooking on the stove.
  • Be careful! The stove is hot.
  • After cooking a big meal, it's necessary to clean the stove.
  • The stove is dirty. It's needs to be cleaned.

stove our old stove

Some stoves are portable. All you need to do is attach a small propane tank to provide fuel for cooking:

coleman stove

  • She's using a Coleman stove.
  • It's easier to cook over a stove than over a campfire.


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