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To borrow is to get money or a thing for temporary use and then return it in the future. The word "borrow" is similar to "get." You can borrow money from a bank or from a friend. Many people confuse this word with "lend."

  • Terry borrowed $20 from her friend.
  • Ali wants to borrow some money in order to start a small business.
  • If you borrow money from a bank, you will have to pay back the principal plus interest.
  • How much do you want to borrow?
  • Diedre doesn't want to borrow any money because she's afraid of having debt.
  • Do you mind if I borrow your pen for a minute?
  • Our neighbor let us borrow his lawnmower because ours is broken.
  • He needed to borrow a bike to get to work this morning.
  • man on bike (Where does the briefcase go?)

Sometimes the word "borrow" is heard as an adjective. (Add an "ed" ending to form "borrowed.")

  • After surviving a heart attack, Dennis feels like he's living on borrowed time.
  • Borrowed money should be paid back in a timely fashion.

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