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September 15, 2014 - Word of the Day:  lend

simple past past participle

The verb "lend" is similar to "give," but something that is lent is eventually returned to the original owner. You can use this word with money and objects:

  • Can you lend me some money? I'll pay you back tomorrow.
  • Bertha lent her sister $50.
  • Some banks haven't been lending money the way they used to because they're afraid of losing it.
  • Dan was lent $200, but he hasn't paid it back yet. (passive voice)
  • A library will lend you books, CDs, and DVDs for learning English.
  • You should avoid lending money to friends. That could cause problems in your relationship. (The word "lending" in this sentence is a gerund.)
  • Can you lend me a hand for a minute? (Lend me a hand = help me)


Hey, can you lend me twenty bucks?

Add "er" to the word "lend" to form the noun "lender."

  • We need to find a lender in order to open a small business. (lender = bank; a person with a lot of money who lends out money.)
  • Many lenders made bad loans to borrowers before 2008, and that has caused a lot of problems for the economy.
  • Neither a borrower nor a lender be. (Polonius gives his son Laertes some advice before he goes off to college in Shakespeare's play, Hamlet.)

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