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The verb "pry" is used to describe the action of opening something with a lever.


You can use a crowbar as a lever to pry open something that is stuck.

supply cabinet

  • After struggling for several minutes, Robert finally managed to pry open the supply cabinet.
  • He pried it open.

Here are some more examples:

  • Rimbi pried open a window to get into his house because he lost his keys.
  • You have to pry open the back cover of your cell phone to get at the battery.
  • Can you pry this open? I can't get it.

(Notice in the above sentences that the word "open" is often used with "pry.")

You can also use "pry" as a verb when inquiring into a person's private matters:

  • Joan's mother often pries into her daughter's journal.
  • I don't mean to pry, but why are the police at his house?
  • You shouldn't pry into someone else's business. (business = private, personal affairs)


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September 25, 2014







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