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The word "secure" usually means safe. It's often used as an adjective. Sometimes "secure" means that something is in a good location--it's not going to fall over or come off easily because it's properly attached or put into a place.

  • They feel secure inside their apartment.
  • This part of the city isn't a secure location for raising a family.
  • This door is not very secure. It's wobbling and it might fall off.
  • The state needs a secure facility for housing prisoners temporarily.
  • Move that box. It doesn't look secure.
  • A secure website provides you with protection from having your data stolen.

computer https = hypertext transfer protocol secure

When you use "secure" as a verb, it means to get:

  • Robert was able to secure a second job.
  • Aleah will need to secure a loan from the bank to start a business.
  • They need to secure housing for the winter.

As a noun, "secure" changes to "security."

  • Laura's sense of security was shaken after thieves broke into her apartment.
  • Call security. Someone left an unattended bag in the airport terminal.
  • This building has good security.

The word "security" can also be used as an adjective:

  • Our store has a good security system.
  • The apartment building has all the latest security features.


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September 3, 2014







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