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August 1, 2015



To feel anxiety or to have some anxiety is to feel fear, nervousness, or concern. Anxiety is usually rooted in a person's psychology. Anxiety might also come from negative experiences or a point of view that is promoted by the society in which a person lives.

  • Sarah feels a lot of anxiety when it comes to taking a test.
  • Bill's anxieties keep him from leaving the house on some days.
  • I'm feeling some anxiety about a business trip I have to take to New York next month.
  • Whenever Vanessa gets on a plane, she feels an enormous amount of anxiety.
  • Charles takes medication which helps alleviate his anxiety.
  • A psychologist or therapist helps people deal with their anxieties.
  • Some people experience anxiety when speaking English because they don't want to make any mistakes.
  • Do you have any anxieties?

nervousness and anxiety

To feel anxiety is natural, but in some cases anxiety become debilitating and requires a person to seek professional help.

The adjective form of this word is "anxious."

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