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August 2, 2015



Beige is a color that is similar to tan. There are many different shades of beige. It can look almost white, almost yellow, or almost light brown. Beige is considered to be a neutral color, so it can go with just about any other color. This is one reason why it's a popular choice for a color in many American homes.

beige living room

  • Almost everything in Diane's living room is beige.
  • The couches are beige.
  • She has beige pillows on the couches.
  • The walls are beige.
  • The rug is beige.
  • The pictures on the walls all have some beige in them.

People also like to wear clothes that are beige:

beige pants

  • These pants are beige.
  • You can wear beige with just about anything.
  • Beige looks good with white, black, brown, or blue.
  • Beige is an easy color to work with.


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