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There are many different ways to use the word "chip."

  • Potato chips are a popular snack.
  • Many people serve chips and dip as appetizers at a party.
  • Tortilla chips with salsa are also very popular.
potato chips
  • Chocolate chip cooks are easy and fun to bake.
  • The chips in the cookies are chocolate.
chocolate chips cookies
  • Chips are used in place of money when playing poker or roulette.
  • Chips are used for processing in computing devices. This is a microchip.
  • A chip can be a form of damage or a defect.
  • If you bite down on something hard, you might chip your tooth.
chipped tooth
  • Chips of paint fall off of a wall when the paint gets old.
  • The paint on this wall is cracked and chipped.


The word "chip" is commonly used as a verb.

simple past past participle
  • Edward chipped his tooth on something hard.
  • The sculptor uses a hammer and a chisel to chip away marble or stone to create a sculpture.
  • A ceramic plate might chip if you don't handle it carefully.
  • Everyone at the office chipped in and bought a wedding gift for Sandra.
  • Do you want to chip in for a pizza?

There are a couple expressions that use the word "chip."

  • Tanya has a big chip on her shoulder. (Her behavior is affected negatively due to something in her past.)
  • John is a chip off the old block. (He's very similar to his father.)

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August 3, 2015







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