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August 10, 2015



To involve is to be a part of something or include something. This is a popular word when describing relationships or requirements.

  • Are you involved in any organizations? (Do you belong to an organized group?)
  • My friend Selma is involved in a human rights organization.
  • Kevin wants to get more involved with sports this summer.
  • Cindy's new job involves working around computers all day. (She spends a lot of time with computers.)
  • Sanja wants to get a job that involves working with children.
  • We want to involve as many people as possible in making this decision.
  • The police looked for witnesses following the shooting, but no one wanted to get involved.
  • Don't get involved in that.
  • It's best not to get involved.
  • Do you know what's involved when starting a new business? (What is required?)
  • Marina decided to run for a position on the city council, but she didn't realize it would involve so much of her time.
  • Are you involved with anyone? (Do you have a romantic relationship with anyone?)
  • Vanessa is involved with someone she met at school. (She has a boyfriend.)

couple Vanessa and Greg

The word "involvement" is a noun:

  • Cleaning up the neighborhood will require the involvement of hundreds of volunteers.
  • The involvement of the business in organized crime is what lead to its ultimate collapse.
  • Your involvement in this website is what helps make it an interesting place to visit.
  • Thanks for your involvement!


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