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December 5, 2015



If something is eternal, it continues forever and without end.

  • Many people pray for eternal life in heaven once they die.
  • An eternal flame is a fire that never goes out. It's kept lit in memory of someone who has died.
  • A grave is an eternal resting place. It's the place where a person is buried.
  • Their love was so strong that it felt eternal, but it did not last.
  • People who suffer the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to while here on Earth may find eternal peace in the afterlife. (from Hamlet)
  • God's love is eternal. (Psalm 136)

The word "eternally" is an adverb:

  • I shall be eternally grateful if you could do this one big favor for me.
  • Sarah said she was eternally grateful for the help provided to her family following the fire. (The words "eternally grateful" are often put together.)
  • Inscribed on the wedding ring that Charles gave to his wife were the words "eternally yours."

The word "eternity" is a noun that refers to a place or a time:

  • It's taking an eternity to get this project completed. (This is a good example of an exaggeration.)
  • Rachel was buried next to her husband, Oscar, ensuring that they will spend all eternity together.
  • People who are deeply religious believe that they will spend all eternity in heaven if they live good lives while here on Earth.
  • I lay on the ground and contemplated eternity while looking up at the passing clouds in the sky.

clouds in the sky

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