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A loyal person is someone who stays faithful to friends or family members. He or she is available to help, regardless of the situation.

  • Roger is a loyal employee of the company. He works hard so that the company will be successful.
  • Roger is also a loyal husband. He loves his wife and he would never leave her.
  • Gloria is a loyal wife. She loves her husband and she would never leave him.
  • Our dog is very loyal. She obeys our commands and protects our house. She would never try to run away.
  • Edward is a loyal member of his church. He offers his time and donates money to keep the church operating.
  • Andrew was fired from the company for being disloyal. (The word "disloyal" is the opposite of "loyal.")
  • My friends are very loyal. They're always available if I need them.

good dog

Dogs are loyal to their masters.

The word "loyalty" is a noun:

  • Walter was rewarded for his loyalty to the company with a big raise in his salary.
  • Loyalty to one's family is what helps the family thrive. (thrive = be successful)
  • The player's loyalty to his team was questioned when he failed to perform to the best of his abilities.
  • His loyalty was called into question. (call into question = doubt)


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