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In this Word of the Day exercise, you'll learn a vocabulary word that is related to music. A chord, is a sound produced by putting individual notes together. There are usually three or more notes in a chord.

A "C" chord is made up of three notes: A "C," an "E" and a "G."

  • It's important to learn how to play chords when learning how to play the piano or play a guitar.
  • A G chord is very common in music.
  • Many rock'n'roll songs are played with just three or four chords.
  • The C chord, the F chord, and the G chord go well together.
  • Harmony results when chords go well together.

many playing guitar

He's playing a chord on a guitar.

The word "chord" is also found in these common expressions:

  • The minister's sermon really struck a chord with the congregation. (strike a chord/struck a chord = to feel a strong sense of understanding or recognition)
  • Her speech struck the right chord with the audience. (The speech matched or met the expectations of a group of people)

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