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People clap when they want to show their approval or pleasure in a performance or a celebration. People also clap when keeping time with music.

a man clapping

  • He's clapping.
  • The audience is clapping. (audience = a group of people who watch a peformance)
  • The audience clapped at the end of the performance.
  • Following the lecture, the students clapped for the professor.
  • When the group took the stage, the concertgoers clapped and whistled. (Whistling during a peformance or a game is okay in the U.S.)
  • The audience clapped in rhythm with the music.
  • The audience held its applause until the very last note was played, and then they gave a standing ovation to the performers with loud clapping and cheering. (applause = clapping)


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January 30, 2015







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