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January 5, 2015 - Word of the Day



To dance is it move one's body in rhythm to music or to move the body in a way that is purposeful or communicates meaning.

past participle
  • People dance at wedding receptions.
  • Someone is dancing in the room next to us.
  • Sophia dances to music when she's alone in her bedroom.
  • Gloria and Julio danced together all night.
  • What kind of music do you dance to?
  • Do you want to dance? (This is an invitation.)
  • Would you like to dance? (This is also an invitation.)
dancing person dancing
People dance together...
...or by themselves.

The word "dance" can also be used as a noun. In this case, a dance is an event. It's something that people attend., or it's something that people can study.

  • Matthew asked Jennifer to go to a dance with him.
  • Most high schools in the United States host dances.
  • The dance lasted until 11 p.m.
  • Edward is studying modern dance in college.
  • The polka is a form of traditional dance.
  • Bharata Natyam is a form of classical Indian dance.

The word "dancing" is a gerund:

  • Gloria and Julio went out dancing.
  • They like to go dancing on the weekend.
  • Dancing is a good form of exercise.

The word "dance" is often used as an adjective:

  • Audrey works as a dance instructor.
  • She works at a dance studio.
  • She gives dance lessons.



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