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Human beings need kidneys in order to process and eliminate liquid waste (urine) from the body. A person will die without at least one well-functioning kidney.

A kidney looks like this:

kidneyone kidney / two kidneys

Kidney transplants happen with regularity in the United States, but it's not always easy to find a donor (a volunteer who will provide a kidney or a person who dies and has the kidney removed). Take care of your kidneys by following a healthy lifestyle.

One common problem with kidneys is the development of kidney stones. A kidney stone is a calcium deposit which grows in the kidneys . If it gets too large it won't pass through the urinary tract and it will cause a tremendous amount of pain. Kidney stones sometimes require treatment by a doctor.

There are two things that are named after the shape of a kidney: beans and swimming pools.

a can of kidney beans

  • Kidney beans are used in soup, chili, and in salads.
  • Kidney beans are a good source for fiber and protein in your diet.
  • Do you like kidney beans?

swimming pool

  • A popular shape for a swimming pool is that of a kidney.
  • My neighbors have a kidney-shaped swimming pool.


Note: It's difficult for some people to pronounce this word because the "d" comes before an "n."

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January 12, 2015







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