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Use the word "age" when talking about the passage of time for a person or a thing.

  • What's your age? (How old are you?
  • What's the age of the building? (How old is it?)
  • Do you know the ages of the other students with whom you go to school?
  • What are their ages?
  • Jennifer looks good for her age.
  • Seven is a good age for a child.
  • Chess is a good game for all ages.
  • Men and women of a certain age have to start thinking seriously about their health. (a certain age: people in their 50s and 60s)
  • Rajeesh is a middle-aged man. He's 54 years old.
  • The aging process is something that we all experience. (In this sentence, "aging" is an adjective.)
  • Angela is afraid of aging too quickly. (This sentence uses "aging" as a gerund.)
  • Edward and John haven't seen in each other in ages. (in ages = a very long time)
  • We haven't been to New York City in ages.

This word can be used as a verb:

  • Kathryn has really aged. (She has gotten older and she looks it.)
  • Toshi doesn't look as though he has aged at all.
  • He never seems to age.
  • This car is aging fast. (It's starting to look old.)
  • We're aging. (We're getting older.)
  • Cheese gets sharper as it ages.
  • Wine usually improves as it ages.
  • There are several bottles of wine that are aging in a wine cooler in our basement.

The word "ageless" is an adjective. It means that something is true, good, or of lasting quality:

  • Classical music is ageless.
  • The woman's ageless beauty confounds those who try to guess how old she is.
  • A lot of architecture in Chicago has an ageless quality.

The word "age" is often used to describe a period of time. (Notice that ages are usually capitalized.)

  • The Stone Age was a time when human beings began to use tools.
  • During the Dark Ages, Europe suffered through years of war and disease.
  • We live in the Information Age.

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July 1, 2015







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