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There are three different meanings for the word "fine."

In the first set of examples, the word "fine" is similar to "well" or "okay."

  • I feel fine.
  • We're doing fine.
  • Everything is fine.
  • Elsa fell off of the swing but she's fine.
  • Joe says he feels fine enough to go golfing today.

Sometimes the word "fine" means that an activity is of high value or high quality.

  • George is a collector of fine art. (fine art = valuable art)
  • The store keeps fine jewelry inside a glass case.
  • Opal drinks only fine wine. She doesn't like the cheap stuff.
  • Fine dining continues to be popular in the United States.

The word "fine" also means small.

  • The sand on this beach is very fine.
  • Wheat is ground until it becomes a fine flour.
  • She uses a fine-tooth comb for her hair.
  • Her hair is very fine.

fine print Before you sign a legal document, make sure you read the fine print.

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