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July 28, 2015



A guy is a man. This is a very informal yet popular word used for men and, sometimes, women.

  • We need a couple of guys to help us lift this table into the truck.
  • I know a guy who can help you with your computer.
  • He's a computer guy.
  • My friend, Mark, is a car guy. He knows a lot about cars.
  • I hope that guy knows what he's doing.
  • What are you guys doing this weekend?
  • Are you guys going to that party?
  • Who are those guys? Do you know them?
  • He's such a nice guy.
  • I hope you are able to meet and marry a nice guy.
  • Who are the good guys in this movie?
  • Is he a good guy or a bad guy?
  • Todd is not a nice guy. He's kind of a mean guy.
  • Who does that guy think he is?
  • That guy's a jerk.
  • Okay, wise guy, you think you're so smart.
  • Nice guys finish last. (This is an expression. It means that nice people are to nice to compete against others, or they are taken advantage of by people who aren't so nice.)

computer guy He's a good guy.

You'll often hear the word used when Americans say hello or goodbye to each other. In this case, the people spoken to could be male or female.

  • Hey, you guys. What's happening?
  • Hi guys. How's it going?
  • See you guys later.
  • Bye you guys.

Notes: a word similar to "guy" for a girl or a woman is "gal," but not all women really like this word.


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