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July 23, 2015



The word "whine" is used when a person is complaining or unhappy about something.

  • Vanessa is whining about her boss again.
  • Toshi never stops whining about his neighbors.
  • The students whined to the teacher that they were given too much homework to do over the weekend.
  • Please, don't whine.
  • Stop your whining.
  • Instead of just whining, you should do something about the situation.

The word "whine" is also used to describe a high-pitched sound. This sound can come from a machine or a person.

  • There's a whining sound coming from somewhere near the engine of my car.
  • Do you hear that whine?
  • My computer is making a whining sound.
  • The baby started to whine when he realized his mother had left the room.
  • Our dog whines when she's hungry.

whining baby

He's whining because he's out of milk.

A person who whines is called a "whiner."

  • No one wants to work with Bruce because he's such a whiner. He complains about everything.
  • The owner of the company doesn't tolerate whiners.
  • Don't be such a whiner.

Note: The pronunciation of the word "whine" is exactly the same as the word "wine."

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