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June 1, 2015



What is art? This is a good question. You could say that art is the creation of something that is beautiful, but not all art is beautiful. Art reflects human emotions and events in history. Some art could be regarded as ugly or difficult to understand. Modern art might not be considered by some as art at all. However, most of us will say that we know what art is when we see it. So the definition of this word will change depending on the individual who sees it or experiences it.

  • Museums contain valuable works of art.
  • People display art on the walls of their homes.
  • Art is sold from an art gallery.
  • Children create art at school in art classes.
  • An art major is a person who studies art in college.

The person who creates the art is called an artist.

  • Pablo Picasso was a famous artist.
  • My friend, Nick, is an artist. He specializes in bronze sculpture.
  • Most artists don't make a lot of money, but they have a special talent to create new things.
  • An artist's work might increase in value after he or she has died.
  • Painters, sculptors, musicians, performers, architects, dancers, and writers may be regarded as artists.


The word "artistic" is an adjective:

  • Valerie is an artistic young woman.
  • Her teachers say her work shows artistic potential.
  • Some artistic people have a hard time finding employment that suits their talent.

artistic person He's very artistic but difficult to understand.

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