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June 3, 2015



In many countries around the world, the word "cinema" is used when talking about the entertainment provided by film viewed in a theater, but in the United States, Americans generally prefer the word "movie" over "film" or "cinema."

  • Let's go see a movie.
  • Barb and Don went to the movies.

The word "cinema" is used for films or movies that fall into the category of art.

  • Our local cinema is showing Fellini's 8 1/2.
  • Tyrone is studying cinema in college.
  • He's a cinema major. (Or...He's a film major.)
  • I'm reading a very interesting book about the history of French cinema.
  • Kate and Edward share a love for bad cinema.

The word "cinema," or various forms of it, is also commonly used in the name of a business that shows movies:

  • Cinema 18 has 18 screens.
  • We saw a movie at Cinema Six.
  • The Cineplex charges only five dollars for matinees. (A matinee is movie that is featured early in the day at a reduced cost.)
  • Cinema City shows movies 24 hours a day.

The word "cinematic" is an adjective:

  • Better seating improves the cinematic experience.
  • The release of three new Star Wars movies promises new cinematic adventures.
  • Tyrone has learned a lot about cinematic techniques from his professors.

film makerHe's always wanted to be a film maker, so he studied cinema in college.



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