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June 12, 2015



The word "lot" refers to an open area of land.

  • There's an empty lot behind the store.
  • Someone is planning to build an apartment building on the lot.
  • Lots in this area sell for over $100,000 an acre.
  • Are there any more lots available?
  • The parking lot doesn't have any more space.
  • The city is converting parking lots to office buildings.

lot for sale He has an empty lot for sale.

When "a" is added to the word "lot" it describes a large amount.

  • We have a lot of time before the movie begins.
  • There are not a lot of students in the classroom.
  • The kids like the new playground a lot.
  • They like going there a lot.
  • That hurts a lot.

The plural form of this word, "lots," is almost always followed by the preposition "of."

  • He needs lots of attention.
  • Lots of customers lined up before the store opened.
  • We have lots of time.
  • Lots of students visit this website every day.


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