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March 11, 2015 - Word of the Day



To kidnap is to steal a person and hold him or her in secret until a ransom (money) is paid for the person's release.

  • A local man was kidnapped and held until his family paid a million dollars for his release.
  • Thieves kidnapped the man because they were unable to find any money in the house that they were robbing.
  • A ransom was paid to the kidnappers and the man was returned to his family. (A person who kidnaps is called a kidnapper.)
  • Kidnapping is common in some parts of the world, especially in countries where lawlessness prevails. (The word "kidnapping" is a gerund.)
  • Kidnapping is a very serious crime in the United States.


A rich man was kidnapped and held

until his family paid a ransom.


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