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May 3, 2015 - Word of the Day



To cooperate is to work with or help another person.

  • Students must cooperate with their teacher. (They must do what he asks them to do.)
  • Maria is cooperating with her coworkers. (She's working with them to reach a common goal.)
  • Charles is not cooperating with the police. (He's not answering their questions.)
  • My computer is not cooperating with me today. (I'm having problems with my computer.)
  • If you can just cooperate, everything will be easier.
  • Please, cooperate with me.

The word "cooperation" is a noun.

  • Cooperation among members of the organization is essential for achieving its goals.
  • We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Our manager says he needs more cooperation from his employees.
  • Cooperation is the key to success.
  • Thanks for your cooperation.

The word "cooperative" is an adjective:

  • The little boy was not being cooperative with his mother.
  • The teacher asked the students to be more cooperative.
  • There could be negative consequences if you aren't cooperative.

cooperative people

Everything is so much easier when people cooperate.

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