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The most common meaning for the word "pool" applies to a small body of water used for recreation and exercise:

swimming pool

  • They're in the pool.
  • They're swimming in a swimming pool.
  • They're the only ones at the pool right now.

Another form of recreation that uses the word "pool" is a game played on a table with balls and sticks (pool cues).

pool table

  • They're playing pool.
  • They're playing on a pool table.
  • Another name for pool is billiards.

When the word "pool" is used as a verb, it means to gather or come together.

  • We pooled our resources and bought a gift for someone who was leaving the company. (We gathered together some money.)
  • Water is pooling at the base of the house. (Water is gathering near the house.)
  • An office pool was put together to collect bets on who would win the Kentucky Derby. (office pool = a collection of money for the purpose of gambling)
  • You can save money by participating in a carpool. (carpool = the sharing of a car or car-related expenses)


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May 16, 2015







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