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May 21, 2015 - Word of the Day



A vent is an opening inside or outside of a building, a house, a car, a computer, a machine, etcetera. It allows for the passage of air and helps to regulate temperature.

  • I opened a vent to allow more heat into the room.
  • Can you open the vent, please?
  • The custodian for the building checked all the vents to make sure they were working properly.
  • If the vent is sealed, it won't allow air to flow through.

vent vent


A vent is also an opening in a volcano. Gas, hot air, and lava come out through the vent.


  • You can see what looks like smoke coming from the vent.
  • Lava and ash erupted through the vent.
  • The volcano is venting gas.

The word "vent" can also be used as a verb. To vent is to express anger or show a raw emotional reponse:

  • The supervisor vented her anger towards the employees.
  • She later apologized for venting her anger. (This sentence uses "vent" as a gerund.)
  • Bob and his coworkers felt a need to vent after a long day at work, so they all went to the local tavern for a beer.


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