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November 1, 2015



To ail is to be sick.

  • Henry is ailing from a bad back.
  • Jennifer is taking care of her ailing mother. (In this sentence "ailing" is an adjective.)
  • This medicine will surely cure what ails you.
  • Oscar had been ailing from a mysterious sickness for weeks until he saw the doctor.
  • What's ailing you?

The word "ailment" is a noun:

  • A doctor can tell you exactly what kind of ailment you have.
  • Some ailments are curable with medicine; others aren't.
  • An ear infection is a common ailment.
  • Bina is suffering from an incurable ailment.
  • Acid reflux is an ailment that occurs in the digestive system.

ailment   He has some sort of stomach ailment that will require treatment from a doctor.

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