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To react is to respond to something. Something happens and then there is a result. There could be a change or no change at all.

simple past past participle
  • Passengers on the bus reacted with anger when they were told to get off and wait outside for a new bus to show up.
  • The children reacted with glee at the sight of the newly fallen snow.
  • Nataly didn't react well when her boyfriend broke up with her.
  • How do you think the students will react when they find out they have to take another test this week?
  • The patient is reacting well to the new medication.


How do you think he will react?

What will be his reaction?

The word "reaction" is a noun:

  • What was the woman's reaction when she heard the news?
  • Mario had a bad reaction to his new medication, so the doctor prescribed something else.
  • There was little to no reaction among the people of the country when they found our their leader was dead.
  • We're expecting a positive reaction from our employees when they find out we're raising their salaries.
  • The falling of dominoes is a good example of a chain reaction.

dominoes dominoes

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First published on November 21, 2015







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