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November 22, 2015



A sneeze is a sudden, involuntary reaction that involves the nose and the respiratory (breathing) system. It's difficult, but not impossible, to prevent a sneeze. People sneeze due to colds and allergies.

  • Jason sneezes whenever he's around cats. He's allergic to cats.
  • Yolanda has been sneezing all day. She thinks she's getting a cold.
  • Sneezing and coughing are symptoms of a cold.
  • Sneezing can lead to congestion in your nasal cavity.
  • I feel a big sneeze coming on.
  • I sneezed.
  • When someone sneezes, people nearby often feel the need to say "God bless you," or "Gesundheit" afterwards. (gesundheit = German for "good health")
  • After sneezing, it might be necessary to blow your nose because the sneeze created a lot of mucus.
  • You should try to sneeze into something such as a handkerchief, a tissue, or even your hands if nothing else is available. This is because a sneeze can spread germs from one person to another.

man sneezing at desk

He's spreading his germs all over the office!

Note: I sneezed just before making this audio recording, so I might sound a little congested. Can you tell?

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