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October 1, 2015



To adopt something is to make it your own. This word is usually used when a person takes full legal responsibility for a baby that is not biologically related. You can also use the word "adopt" for ideas and things.

  • The people across the street adopted a baby girl from India.
  • Jason and Valerie are thinking about adopting after years of trying to have their own child.
  • Adoption gives an unwanted child a chance to live a good life. (The word "adoption" in this sentence is a noun.)
  • My friends Jessica and Marta adopted a two-year-old boy from Guatemala. (In the U.S. it's legal for same-sex couples to adopt a child.)
  • You can adopt a dog or a cat from an animal shelter.
  • Vesco Insurance adopted a highway. Twice a year the employees go out and clean up garbage that accumulates on the side of the road. (When companies and organizations adopt a highway, they voluntarily clean it and receive public recognition for their efforts.)
  • A new plan was adopted for fixing the nation's school system.
  • Companies in the United States are adopting new ways to increase employee productivity.
  • The government adopted new rules and procedures for managing natural disasters.


They're adopting a baby. Congratulations!

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