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If something is elegant, it's well-designed, graceful, or just very nice. This word is often used to describe items of luxury or situations in which a lot of money has been spent to create something beautiful.

  • Samira is wearing a very elegant dress.
  • Wendy and Dave attended an elegant dinner party.
  • Zelda bought a Tesla because she admires its elegant styling.
  • This hotel has a very elegant interior.
  • Bernice is wearing an elegant necklace.

The word "elegantly" is an adverb:

  • Samira dresses very elegantly. (Notice the word "dresses" is a very. An adverb modifies a verb.)
  • Everything on the table was elegantly arranged for the guests.

elegance She dresses very elegantly.

The word "elegance" is a noun:

  • Reviewers praised the new restaurant for its cuisine and its elegance.
  • The Palmer House hotel in Chicago has a reputation for elegance.

The Palmer House interior

The Palmer House


Note: The word "elegant" is often associated with women and women's tastes in fashion.


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October 5, 2015







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