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Use the word "fault" to indicate responsibility for a mistake.

This word is usually used as a noun:

  • That's not my fault.
  • Whose fault is it?
  • Who's at fault here?
  • Does anyone know whose fault this is?
  • I'm sorry. That's my fault.
  • The accident was Bob's fault. He accepts responsibility.
  • It's your own fault that you got sick because you didn't take care of yourself.
  • This situation is my own fault.
  • It's her own fault for not following directions.

car accident

Whose fault is this?

The word "faulty" is an adjective:

  • Faulty breaks were the reason for the accident.
  • Sophia used faulty logic in making her argument.
  • Faulty reasoning resulted in an incorrect conclusion.

The word "fault" can also be used as a verb :

simple past past participle
  • The car company was faulted for the problem with the breaks.
  • You can't fault him for trying.
  • The students were faulted for not studying hard enough for the test.


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October 6, 2015







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