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To prove is to show something is true or false.

simple past past participle
proved / proven
  • Can you prove who you are?
  • You can prove who you are by showing an ID.
  • Edgar proved he was 21 by showing a driver's license.
  • Regina has proven to everyone how good she is at acting (This sentence is in the present perfect tense).
  • An experiment can prove whether or not a theory is correct or incorrect.
  • A lawyer must prove that a person is guilty before he or she is convicted of a crime.
  • A test proves whether or not a student has studied.
  • The rumor about the family down the street proved to be false.
  • David's calculus class is proving to be difficult.
  • This new software is proving to be effective in preventing problems.
  • An eye exam proves how good your eyesight is.

eye test

The word "proven" is an adjective:

  • This company has a proven track record in the area of employee safety.
  • Proven results show that this method will help people lose weight.
  • This type of apple tree is a proven winner when it comes to producing good apples.

The word "proof" is a noun:

  • Can you show proof of your age?
  • An ID is proof of who you say you are.
  • There was no proof that the man stole the money, so he was let go.
  • We have all the proof we need to make a decision.


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September 17, 2015







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