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September 18, 2015



To realize is to begin to understand or comprehend:

simple past past participle
  • The student didn't realize he had made a mistake until someone pointed it out.
  • When we realized how much a new car was going to cost, we decided to buy a used car.
  • Frank finally realizes how much his family means to him.
  • No one realized how much pain Felicia was in until she went to the hospital.
  • You won't realize a profit on your stocks until you sell them. (The word "realize" is often used to describe a person's loss or gain of wealth.)
  • After realizing huge losses, the company went out of business.

boring guy He doesn't realize that he talks too much.

The word "realization" is a noun:

  • The owner of the company came to the realization that he would have to start laying off employees.
  • Following the sudden realization that their water supply was about to dry up, the farmers made a decision to move.


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