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April 15, 2016



When a person competes, he or she tries to do well against other people who are doing the same thing. This word is commonly used for sports and business, but it can be used for other areas when two or more things occupy the same space.

  • Teams compete against each other.
  • The games they play are competitive.
  • An athletic competition is an interesting thing to watch.
  • Businesses compete against each other.
  • Businesses try to stay competitive.
  • Competition creates a healthy marketplace.
  • Nations compete for access to natural resources.
  • Nations compete economically.
  • Creating a good education system is one way in which a country tries to remain competitive.
  • The manufacturing plant nearby is investing in new equipment in order to remain competitive.
  • If two plants are too close together, they will compete against each other for soil and sunlight.
  • Two men might compete for the attention of the same woman.
  • Children compete for their parents' attention.
  • Have you ever participated in a competition?
  • Have you ever competed against other people?
  • Are you a competitive person?


These guys are so competitive!

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