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April 26, 2016



When something is funny, it makes a person laugh or it provides amusement.

  • The movie we saw last night was funny.
  • My Uncle Jim is a funny guy.
  • Our supervisor is so funny! He makes everyone laugh.

Sometimes we use the word "funny" when detecting a problem:

  • Your voice sounds funny. Are you sick?
  • This pineapple tastes funny. I think it went bad.
  • Something smells funny. What's that odor?
  • I've got a funny feeling about this real estate deal. Perhaps we shouldn't do it.
  • I have a funny feeling about this.

"That's funny" is an expression used when a situation is surprising or unexpected:

  • That's funny. I put my notebook down here a minute ago and now it's gone.
  • That's funny. None of these computers are working.

"It's not even funny" is an expression people use when describing a serious or unlikable situation:

  • I have so much work to do it's not even funny.
  • This movie is so terrible it's not even funny.
  • That isn't even funny. Stop doing it.
  • There's nothing funny about this.


He has so much work to do, it isn't even funny!


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