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April 21, 2016



The word "tweet" describes the sound that a bird makes when it sings:

  • Birds begin tweeting early in the morning.
  • Can your hear the birds tweeting?
  • A bird goes "tweet, tweet."

In recent years, the word "tweet" has been used as a verb or as a noun when communicating with other people through Twitter.

  • I sent out a few tweets this morning. (This sentences uses "tweet" as a noun.)
  • Did you happen to read my tweet?
  • Walter has been tweeting to his friends from Paris. (This sentence uses "tweet" as a verb.)
  • He's been sending out a lot of tweets.
  • Tweets were sent out live during the Republican debate.
  • Tweets are sent out through Twitter.


This bird goes "tweet."


This well-known Looney Tunes character is a bird named "Tweety."

twitter bird

This is the Twitter bird.



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