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To be active is to be involved in something. A person can be active in the community, active in sports, active in school, or just active in general.

  • How active are you in your community? Do you participate in any organizations?
  • Darnesha is an active member of her church.
  • Vince is a very active person. He likes to play sports, he works hard, and he is well known in his community as a volunteer.
  • Wesley is not a very active person. He just sits on the couch all day and watches TV.
  • Bina's children are very active. They do all kinds of activities.

The word "activity" is a noun:

  • Are you involved in any sort of activity?
  • Riding a bike is a fun and healthy activity.
  • Someone needs to monitor the children's activities at the park.
  • Teachers like to see their students get involved in many different activities at school.
  • The police noticed what looked like an illegal activity inside that house.
  • Inactivity and a lack of exercise can cause a person to gain weight quickly, (The prefix that makes this word negative is "in.")
  • There's been a lot of activity in the stock market lately.


Biking is a fun activity.

The word "activate" is a verb. To activate something is to put it into motion or make it active:

  • In order to activate your credit card, you must call this phone number and enter some information.
  • I haven't activated my bank account online. I still have to do that.
  • Do you know how to activate a new cell phone?
  • The governor is activating several thousand National Guard troops to help residents cope with a disaster caused by flooding.

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August 2, 2016







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