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August 23, 2016



If something is common, it's ordinary, regular, normal, or popular.

  • A common form of transportation is the car.
  • A common form of communication is the phone.
  • Road construction is a common problem to deal with in the summer.
  • It's common to say hello upon greeting another person.
  • Most people suffer from the common cold at one time or another.
  • A basic understanding of the physical world is now common knowledge among most educated people.
  • "Bob" is a very common name in the United States.
  • Television is a common form of entertainment.
  • At first, the internet was not a widely-accepted form of communication for people, but now it's commonplace. (commonplace = average; ordinary. Note that "commonplace" is one word)

couple carrying briefcasesThey make a good couple because they have a lot in common.

The word "commonly" is an adverb.

  • Most people commonly say hello upon greeting another person.
  • Salt and pepper are commonly used in flavoring food.
  • The idea of an omniscient (all-knowing) God is a commonly held belief.
  • Marriage is a commonly accepted practice around the world.

Note: When two people share the same beliefs and interests, we say they have a lot in common.


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