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August 7, 2016



An event is a thing that happens. Sometimes it's important. Sometimes it's recreational. Some events are scheduled while other events are spontaneous and unexpected.

  • We have a special event planned for next week.
  • The city is hosting an event for people with disabilities.
  • Are there any upcoming events in your community?
  • An unfortunate event occurred which caused the company to change its plans.
  • Event planners pay attention to the choice of a location, the time of day or evening, and the type of people who are likely to attend the event.
  • There are hundreds of different sporting events at the Summer Olympics. (sporting event = a category within a sport or a type of sport)
  • The 400 meter freestyle is a popular swimming event.
  • What is your favorite sporting event?
  • Soccer is a popular sporting event.
  • In the event of rain, the game will be played at another time. (in the event of = in case of; if)
  • In any event, the game will be played eventually. (in any event = no matter what)

Sometimes an event is a very serious situation in which someone experiences a physical problem:

  • Rudolph had another event involving his heart. (event = episode)
  • Too many events like that one will require that he be hospitalized for observation.
  • We're crossing our fingers and hoping that there will not be a reoccurrence of this event.


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