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August 15, 2016



The word "mood" is a noun that refers to the way a person feels or a person's outlook.

  • How do you feel today? Are you in a good mood or a bad mood?
  • I'm usually in a good mood early in the morning.
  • Our supervisor is in a bad mood today.
  • Jenny's mood is affected by the weather.
  • Some women experience wild mood swings when they are pregnant.
  • This music is putting everyone into a good mood.
  • The loss of the soccer match put the fans into a foul mood.
  • The music in this movie creates a very dark mood.
  • The mood around the office is pretty bad because the workers are expecting layoffs. (People are going to lose their jobs.)

mood He's in a good mood today.

The word "moody" is an adjective, which often means that a person can be upset easily or a person is often disagreeable.

  • Tim's wife is often moody. He can't say or do anything right when she's in a bad mood.
  • Why are you so moody today?
  • Sam has a reputation for being kind of moody.

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