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August 16, 2016



The word "newly" is the adverb form of the adjective "new."

  • The concrete is newly laid.
  • You can't walk on newly-laid concrete. (A hyphen is often used when joining "newly" and an adjective in front of a noun.)
  • The website is newly created.
  • It's a newly-created website.
  • Bob and Sandra are a newly-married couple.
  • Bob and Sandra are newlyweds. (newlywed = a person who was recently married)
  • A newly-elected President doesn't begin his or her term until the month of January following an election.
  • A newly-written book by a famous author usually sells very quickly.
  • Some newly-made products may take some time before they are accepted by the general public.

newly-married couple

They're newly married.

They're a newly-married couple.

They're newlyweds.

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