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August 29, 2016



To worry is to be concerned, nervous, or a little afraid of something. This word can be used as a verb, a noun, and as an adjective.

  • What are you worried about? (What are you concerned about?
  • You shouldn't be so worried.
  • Try not to worry.
  • Katherine is worried about her job.
  • This situation worries me.
  • Bill has no worries.
  • Walter is worrying about the beginning of the school year.
  • Do you have any worries about your upcoming exam?
  • Terry says she has no worries.
  • Worried parents rushed to the school to make sure their kids were okay after a tornado hit the school building.
  • The little girl says she feels worried about something, but she won't tell anyone what it is.


This little girl is worried about something.

What is she worried about?

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